The University College was founded in Nottingham in 1881 and the University-was granted its Royal Charter in 1948. Since that time it has continued to develop and expand, becoming one of Britain’s leading universities with an international reputation for excellence in teaching and research.
The University is located on a beautiful 330-acre landscaped campus, three miles from the centre of the historic and cosmopolitan City of Nottingham. The University divides its 31 Academic Schools into six Faculties: Arts; Law and Social Sciences; Education; Science (including Agricultural and Food Sciences); Engineering; Medicine and Health Sciences. Each Faculty offers a range of Foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes. In addition, the University has an established reputation as a centre for high-quality research across the whole range of disciplines.

The University of Nottingham is one of the largest institutions of its kind in the UK, with a student population in the tens of thousands. We’re proud of the number of students we work with each year, and the successes we see with them. Here are our top facts about our student population.

Bigger is better
In 2017-18 we recruited a total of 34,329 students, more than ever before. Each year we’ve increased our student numbers, adding to the bustling vibrant academic community on our campuses. We’ve matched our increase in students with more staff and increased investment in facilities, so the benefit is tremendous for everyone.

International in every way
We pride ourselves on being a global university, and we recruit students from all over the world as a result. Fully a quarter of our students are international students, and we actually have more international postrgraduates than those from the UK. The result? An international, multicultural and global university, with a huge variety of cultures, foods, languages and backgrounds contributing to an amazing experience for everyone. There’s no better way to be ready for the global world that awaits you.

Established and growing overseas
Our international campuses in Ningbo China and in Malaysia are growing in size to rival some UK universities. We’re also pleased that there’s a strong increase in the number of postgraduate students, showing the maturing research excellence these campuses offer. Now students can study in the place that best suits them, while confident in the support they need to succeed.

Striving for a great study balance for students
The popularity of part-time courses is only increasing, with more students enrolling on part-time postrgraduate and, notably, undergraduate courses. As we work to make sure people can study in the way that best suits them, more and more people are choosing to balance their studies against other commitments. We want to remove any barriers that might stop potential students receiving a world-leading education, so we’re dedicated to supporting more flexible and part-time study solutions.