Welcome to The University of Manchester. Created by a merger of two of the UK’s highly distinguished research universities, it is set to become a world-class institution with an international reputation to be proud of. UMIST and The Victoria University of Manchester had the president and vice-chancellor’s profound admiration for their vision and courage when they took this bold step, which will no doubt substantially change the higher education landscape.
The prospect of enhancing academic and research excellence was the primary driver of the merger and will remain a major objective. In key research areas where the strengths of two former universities coincide, the resulting increase in scale promises to create the kind of ‘critical mass’ research capability that sustains world-class infrastructure and expertise.


Undergraduate and postgraduate faculties:

  • Engineering and Physical Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Life Sciences
  • Medical and Human Sciences.


The University has a wide range of specialist teaching and facilities. Students have 24 hours access to more than 10.000 PCs and workstations across the campus. The Library comprises of over four milliion items in stock including some of the greatest printed books and manuscripts ever produced, and a collection of electronic resources that is unrivalled in the country. The University also provides a wealth of specialist support services, including Student Service Centre, Central Academic Advisory Service, University Student Health Service, Disability Support Service, Counselling, Religion, and Childcare.


The University of Manchester has the largest number of places in university-owned accomodation in the UK, with more than 9200 places in halls of residence. A place in University accommodation is guaranteed to all international students from outside the European Union who have not studied in UK before. Most rooms have an internet connection, so it’s possible to connect to the internet and the University network. Most student accomodation is located either on campus, in the neighbouring suburb or Victoria Park or a mile or so away in Fallowfield. These neighbourhoods are bustling with cafes and shops catering specifically for the student community.

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