Founded in 1451, The University of Glasgow is the second oldest University in Scotland and fourth oldest in the UK.

The University has a compact campus in the West End of the city and most student accommodation is within easy walking distance. The main building, designed in the Gothic style by Sir George Gilbert Scott in the 1870s, is one of the city’s best known landmarks. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is located at Garscube, a green-field site four miles from the University. Crichton Campus is located in Dumfries, to the south-west.
The University offers Faculties of Art, Education, Engineering, Law & Financial Studies, Medicine, Science
( comprising three Faculties of : Biological & Life Sciences; Information & Mathematical Sciences; and Physical Sciences ), Social Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine for Degree Course.

Quality of Teaching

Over the last ten years the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council has used two methods of assessing the quality of teaching. In the first, which ran from 1992-93 to 1997-98, the University of Glasgow was awarded 16 ‘Excellent’ or equivalent ratings (47%) out of the 34 areas in which the University’s provision was assessed. This was the highest number of ‘Excellent’ awarded to any university in Scotland. The Glasgow School of Art, an independent but Associated Institution, was awarded one ‘Excellent’ out of the three areas in which its provision was assessed.

In 2000-01 a new method of quality assessment was introduced by the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council which used different outcome ratings. The University has been extremely successful in this review process gaining the highest overall rating: ‘Confidence in academic standards’ in every subject area reviewed and the highest rating of ‘Commendable’ in all sub-sections of the assessment except for one.


Living in university residences is a great way to get to know people when you first come to Glasgow. The majority of students staying there will also be in their first year: so almost everyone is in the same position. Different types of accommodation are available: from concrete to sandstone, from 7-day catering to self-catering and from converted older buildings like Student Apartments and Maclay Hall to purpose built residences like Murano Street and Queen Margaret Residence.
For cost of living, The British Council recommends that you should allow £ 6,240 for a single student per year and a minimum of £ 10,000 for a married couple to study in the UK. For each child add £ 1 ,000 per year.

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