“Research Proposal & How to apply for PhD programme in UK”

Ikuti Seminar cara membuat Proposal Riset yang akan dibawakan oleh University of Nottingham, UK pada tanggal 13 Februari 2016 dalam acara STUDY in UK Expo di Jakarta & Bandung. Pantau terus Newsletter kami.

Doing Research is like “A Proposal of Marriage”!

  • Define the nature of your intended research so that your potential supervisor and the department can decide whether they can help you to do it.
  • This is the purpose of the research topic outline and it should accompany your application along with all other information you’re asked to provide.

How long?

  • A Research proposal should probably be about 2000 words long.
  • More OK, Less is FINE

What to include?

  • Name:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Address:
  • Email:
  • Qualifications: (University, subject and GPA)
  • The area of research
  • What are the main books and articles
  • Data
  • Analytical Techniques

Expose your Area of research
Areas of research interest:

  • I am interested in….mechanical engineering particularly automotive engineering.

Relevant experience:

  • I became interested in these areas through…my undergraduate (Bachelors) degree. I studied mechanical engineering at the University of Java and we had good courses in automotive engineering. I particularly liked the tutor in that area who inspired me to study hard.  The laboratory classes were challenging and we learnt about suspension systems and the internal combustion engine.  I was lucky enough to do a summer internship at Toyota, Indonesia and I worked on measurements of over-pressure on their new turbo-charger for a diesel engine.


  • I want to study in this area because…I have always had an interest in cars and Formula 1 racing, which I find very exciting. Automobiles are an important part of any developed economy, however with the recent rise in oil prices and environmental concerns I am eager to work on developing more efficient internal combustion engines which have less impact on the environment. The latter could be through the use of fuels derived from biomass for example.

Career objectives:

  • A PhD in automotive engineering will…enable me to start a new area of research within my department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Java. At the moment the department is active in the strength of materials and metallurgy but I would like to start a new research activity in `green automobiles’.

Starting your application:

  • Communication with IBEC & Universities
  • Open communication when we are contacting the University
  • We are providing you with assistance in getting the supervisor for you
  • You will be included on the CC

Getting a response:

  • Often responses that we get from Universities, we are encourage to make an application
  • At the same time, best if you can provide us with your documents:
  1. Transcript & Degree Cert S1
  2. Transcript & Degree Cert S2
  3. Recommendations (2)
  4. Full and detail CV
  5. Award certificates
  6. Copy of your passport

Responding to Offer

  • University will make an offer, should they found someone who can supervise you
  • Students will sign to confirm the offer
  • University will then issue a CAS (Certificate of Acceptance)
  • Students will be granted an access to book an accommodation
  • We are preparing for Visa application

To Notice

  • Be Flexible!
  • Be alert and responsive!
  • Don’t forget to check your spam box