Lius Sutana, BA (Hons)

Lius SutanaFirst and foremost, I would like to thank all IBEC staff for their continuous support from the first time I walked into their office in the middle of 2004 (St. Andrew’s Cambridge). The reason I chose UK for study because of the reputation & the academic excellence of the UK education system. It is recognized around the world. Moreover, Britain offers a rich & unique culture that might not be found in anywhere in the world. Inside the university community itself, you will meet people from all over the world and experience many different cultures. This will become a valuable and rewarding experience in your life.

With patience, friendly and professional assistance, they guided me through the whole application process. IBEC has indeed helped me in sailing smoothly through the decision making process. They have also suggested to me a lot of things in being practical, safe, easy and successful during my study as well as motivated me to be optimistic and how to use my time wisely throughout my bachelor study at Northumbria University, which helped to ease my anxiety very well. My parents and I are very happy and grateful to be guided by IBEC.

Well done IBEC!!..Keep up the good work.