Bachelors degree in the UK – Expand your horizons

Getting your bachelor’s degree in the UK is a great opportunity for you to get an internationally recognised degree, while widening your experience. There are certain requirements for applying to a UK university. Here is a quick guide in what you need for your application.

Foundation and A-level

The UK education system differs to that of Indonesia because of the number of years it takes to finish school. In the UK it takes 13 years in total, instead of 12 years in Indonesia. A-levels and Foundation courses are preparatory courses you need to take if you have completed a 12 years, non-British curriculum. They act as a bridge between your Indonesian high-school qualification and the UK undergraduate entry requirement.

Required documents:

  • Passport
  • Your last report book
  • CV
  • Any achievement certificate you acquired during your schooling
  • IELTS Academic UKVI score of at least 5.5

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